Houghton McMifflin? HM Riverdance?


Breaking news- Houghton Mifflin is being sold.

Good night Vivendi.
Good night Bain Capital.
Good night Thomas H. Lee Partners.
Good night Blackstone Group.



As the industry tries its hardest not to mention the OJ incidents and the bad feelings it left with booksellers, there's some mumblings about what might happen to Judith Regan and Regan books.

I'm sure there will be more to come on this side of the story.


And while I'm linking to Gawker . . .

A certain marketing type has been trying to get me to read Gawker's Unsolicited. Well, I should be reading it. So should you.

Back to the books

I could direct you right to the NYT article about how books are becoming a great accessory, but Gawker's overview is so much, uh, shorter.

Or to quote H.S Canby from 1930- "There are not, as so many complain, too many good books.... There are too many books published only to be bought, too many books used as a 'color note,' books as paper weights, books for the baby to sit on, books kept as feeble proof that that someone has been educated, books that are everything but good books."