Gossip and publishing

Gawker was nice enough to post a non-article * about how Jerome Weeks thinks publicity assistants are exploited young women, or something since they referred to an entry from Galleycat talking about the article. They are nice enough to post links at the end of the artilce. All of this stems from an article about new books coming out that takes Devil Wears Prada to publishing.**

*I'm not sure what else to call it, since there's very little substance even for Gawker.
** Because for some reason Chick Lit hasn't really taken on the industry that sustains it- publishing.


Google + Content Provider=?

First: From the aforementioned Institute for the Future of Book- a link to a video interview of Brewster Kahle and Elektrisher Reporter about the dangers of Google.

Second: A short article from Publishing News about Google's plans to launch Open Access Platform, which will in some way offer the complete contents of a book to members for a fee. I'm sure Microsoft and Amazon will be announcing their models very shortly.

Future of the Book

Not to be confused with the institute, Forbes has a special edition dedicated to the future of the book.

There's too much in the issue to read in one sitting.