A Creative Commons tale

I use a lot of creative commons photos in my presentations for class. just from the creative commons search on the advanced search on Flickr I've been able to find professional photos to illustrate most of my topics. So I put most of my photos on Flickr under the same license. I follow the pay it forward with copyright credo. Well I just found out that schmap.com asked to use one of my photos for their Boston Harbor Cruises. Of course I said yes. At least it's being used. My creative commons photo is there under Boston Harbor Cruises. So there you go.

(And no, I'm not planning on changing Clare's pictures to creative commons. I thought about it, but until I can get Clare to sign a model's release, I don't think I'll be able to have her pictures out there for general use. For now you can just check out the FebruBEARy set.)