Summer Reading and Prep

Time to set the bar.

For the Fall semester I will be teaching my graduate level Electronic Publishing Overview course, my undergraduate level Electronic Publishing Overview course and a new course on web development for grad students in the Masters in publishing program. There's a lot that need to be done over the summer since I need to update the overview classes and finalized the web development class. I also want to build web pages for all the sites as I tried it this semester and I think it worked really well.

As part of my prep, I'm giving myself a reading list to help enhance the lectures and maybe take the labs to a next level. I want to post this to keep track of the list and to offer some transparency on how I'm developing the classes. I wanted to be more transparent in my classes to help students go beyond the class, but it turns out transparency is more time consuming than I thought.

The list:
I'm hoping one of these will stand out as a possible new text as some of the feedback from students this year was that our textbook wasn't the greatest and felt a bit dated. I also need to start reading up on CS5 as they are installing it in the lab this summer (and maybe my office computer), so that my exercises are trouble-free (slight differences frustrate students as I learned from developing exercises on CS3 and seeing small differences on CS4 in class. Not the time to notice them.)

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